Sometimes I feel like the sea
Deep, clear and salty


My name is Matteo Maretto and I’m Web designer and Photographer.

Since 2010 I have been developing websites for different types of clients: institutional, socials and privates companies, but I have also been working with my great passion … Photography… I love capturing people in their small daily gestures because photography is a very intimate part of me and I can express myself through it.
I propose direct images without too many filters, just like me!

In photography I seek spontaneity and joy in the eyes of the people, colors and shades in the landscapes, perspective and rules on architecture.
I like to tell stories through pictures with different points of view.
A well-constructed image speaks for itself just like a work of art doesn’t need to be explained but leaves you the freedom to interpret it.

I would like to dedicate my site to all the people in the world, my parents, my friends and whoever supported me during all these years.
Thanks for your visit and enjoy your life!